The Hidden Frequencies presents Hell on Earth by Henry Galley

Directed by Mick Wingert


Courtenay Taylor as Megan

Keith Silverstein as Forneus

David Cummings as Mr. Brooks


Jan Johns as Linda and Chelsea



Mike Delgaudio

Erika Sanderson

David Ault

Nichole Goodnight

Dan Zappulla

Addison Peacock

James Cleveland

Jeff Clement

Elie Hirshman

Jessica McEvoy

Graham Rowat

And Jesse Cornett


Original Music and Scoring by Brandon Boone

Sound Design and Production by Jesse Cornett of Pleroma Productions

Recorded and Engineered at Woodcliff Studios by Frank Rosato

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The Hidden Frequencies is copyright 2018 by Wacky Title Productions, Inc. All Rights reserved. No duplication or reproduction of this audio program is permitted without the written consent of Wacky Title Productions, Inc.


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