Recorded LIVE at DerpyCon 2019 in Morristown, NJ!

Tonight, The Hidden Frequencies will introduce you to Russell Scott, a man arrested for murder who has simply accepted his fate. Make no mistake, Mr. Scott is not entirely at peace, he is merely resigned to his fate. What really troubles Russell is what happened to Joanna Marsh’s baby - as it faced what seemed to be “Teething Problems”

On this episode of the Hidden Frequencies:

Teething Problems by Henry Galley

Directed by Mick Wingert


Colleen O'Shaugnessey as Joanna Marsh

Armen Taylor as Russell Scott

Cherami Leigh as Det. Charmichael

And Mick Wingert as Detective DeWitt

The Hidden Frequencies Opening and Closing Theme by Brandon Boone

Sound Design and effects produced live by Mick Wingert.

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