Recorded LIVE at KatsuCon 2020 in Washington DC!

This evening, The Hidden Frequencies will take you inside the digital world of one online gaming community. Meet Alyssa Tessler, a young woman who is an avid fan and player of the online Role Playing Game: Guild Stones. There is no quest she hasn’t undertaken and nothing in the game she hasn’t done. However, When her online guild tells her informs her that she’s missed a limited time player event, Alyssa finds herself in crisis. As the fear of missing out threatens to overpower her, is there anything Alyssa won’t do to have a Good Game?

Good Game by Kevin Miller

(Kevin is the voice of Sly Cooper in the gaming franchise of the same name and regularly streams on You can check out his channel here.)

Episode Directed by Mick Wingert


Morgan Berry as Alyssa

Cherami Leigh as Lauren

Mike McFarland as Christopher

and Bryce Papenbrook as Ryan

with additional performances by

Kaitlyn Robrock

Jenny Yokobori

and Addison Peacock


The Hidden Frequencies Opening and Closing Theme by Brandon Boone

Sound Design and effects produced live by Mick Wingert.

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The Hidden Frequencies is copyright 2020 by Wacky Title Productions, Inc. All Rights reserved. No duplication or reproduction of this audio program is permitted without the written consent of Wacky Title Productions, Inc.


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